How to choose a tunable laser?


Tunable lasers offer great flexibility to researchers and also industrials. They are used in many different applications areas: atmospheric sensing, biomedicine, microscopy, spectroscopy, atom cooling, defense, medicine, and more. We cannot help but notice that there is more than one type of tunable laser available on the market.

What are the differences between those lasers? How to make a choice between them? Here is a quick summary of the tunable lasers available today and their range of performances.


Something missing?

Some types of tunable lasers might be missing, like Free Electron Lasers (FEL) or sub-THz laser sources, and some types have a very quick summary (like for OPOs which can be found with many different pumping laser sources). If you are willing to help enriching this review, adding a laser type or suggesting corrections, feel free to leave a comment below!

What's next?

After reading this overview you might also want to get more details.

If ECDL caught your attention more than the other lasers, take a look at the following articles:

And if you are more into small semiconductor lasers, here is an article on Tuning a DFB laser diode with temperature.

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